Make America Native Again

Vanessa Bowen told ABC News today she has designed and produced “Make America Native Again” hats as a way of starting conversation about the problematic history behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan — “Make America Great Again” — and to raise awareness for marginalized indigenous peoples in the U.S.

Bowen explained that making “America native again” means learning and respecting Native American values and culture that have been largely erased and disrespected by colonialism.

“It means going back to learning sustainability and learning to live in harmony with the environment,” she said. “It means going back to a matriarchal society in which we value and respect our women. It means going back to a sense of unity and community in which we nurture and care for each other rather than tear apart and divide each other.”

Trump’s campaign has been an attack on these traditionally Native American values, Bowen said.

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